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Geeks Dont Panic

The Hajimari 65

The Hajimari 65

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- Processing time for in stock orders is 1-2 weeks to allow for selected Cerakote finish process to be complete in house. 

Pre-order will be available once the "in stock" units are sold out, and will ship with the next pre-order batch.

**Next pre-order batch shipment - March 31st***
  • Whats included:
    • Keyboard Case
    • 1 set of (4) SCUF Feet
    • FR4 Plate
    • PCB & Daughterboard
    • * Additional Accessories in photos are not included.
      • If you need the additional accessories to complete your keyboard or want to know what else is needed, consider the Starter Bundle option above, or dive into the additional options over at
  • Color Descriptions
    • Terra
      • This is a lovely DEEP DEEP green (almost black), with a blush middle accent. To achieve both of these custom colors, we had to mix multiple Cerakote colors together. It is inspired by the earth and vegetation that provides cover throughout the mountains from The Crox. Depending on the lighting and angle, the color can appear to be black or a deep green.
    • Hidden River
      • This colorway is unique as it has a metallic color-shifting effect from blue to green as you adjust your viewing angle. Inspired by the waters that run the mountains around the hidden village. This middle accent is a subtle white.
    • Stratus
      • The Stratus colorway is a subtle white with deep blue center accent piece. It is inspired by the clouds and horizon view over the mountain range.
    • DARK River
      • This is a revision of the Hidden River colorway. The white middle accent was replaced with the main color, to provide a more streamlined look. This colorway was created in celebration for the Alexotos live stream!
  • The keyboards are cnc machined from aluminum 6061.
  • They are sandblasted and finished with a custom Cerakote coating, followed by a curing process in a scientific oven at 150 degrees Celsius.
  • The keyboard is a 3 layer gasket-mount design. The 3 layer system allows for all mounting screws to be hidden, for a clean design aesthetic. The gasket mount system and flexible plate create a comfortable typing experience.
  • All keyboards are designed, machined, and Cerakoted in-house at our Geeks Dont Panic Warehouse.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


• 65% layout with arrow blocker

• 7 degree typing angle

• Aluminum 3 layer case

• 6 point gasket mount

• FR4 plate, nickel & gold plated designs inspired by The Crox

• PCB designed by Geeks

• QMK Compatible

• Solderable

• USB-C daughterboard

• ESD protected

• Split backspace, ISO Enter, Split left Shift Compatible

SCUF feet
"The Silicone Keyboard Universalised Feet project is an attempt to standardize the rubber feet used for custom mechanical keyboard projects. It has initially been envisioned by the users Salvun, Soran, Wilba and Zambumon."

• Interchangeable bottom accents

• Custom Cerakote finish

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